The constant changes in the market require implementation of new solutions for transport. Even the smallest change may affect the number of the vehicles which we may load for one transport. In order to be able to optimize the services for our clients all the time, it is crucial for us to promptly respond to the client's needs. That is why we have our own car workshop and construction workshop. The place where we create new ways of transport, and we adapt the existing ones to the current conditions. Besides, we repair our trucks and trailers in our workshop.

Maximum result

As we work on our own, we can act promptly and efficiently. Our challenge is to permanently create things to the extent they are achievable from the technological point of view. Our achievements in DAKAR Rally are the best example of such attitude of ours.


We employ mechanics specialized in various areas in the car- and construction workshop of De Rooy. For instance, a car mechanic deals with repairs of chassis and their parts, hydraulic, pneumatic and electric systems, whereas a mechanic of car construction works on the chassis and body only, i.e. they weld, construct, repair and assemble them. Another mechanic deals with post-damage repairs, they repair body of the vehicle after it has been damaged.

Research en development

De Rooy owes its unique position our permanent efforts concerning research and development which is one of our crucial activities. A team of professional employees constantly endeavors after best solutions. They themselves implement innovative transport methods adapted to the individual client's needs. For the clients of De Rooy, this is a warranty for good quality of the equipment. This is also an important reason for which leading companies come back to us with their orders.