Transport adapted to individual client's needs

Every day, we work at De Rooy on solutions which should improve transport. Every day, some 600 drivers are on their way to deliver mostly trucks and agricultural tractors to ourclients in the Netherlands and abroad. Our clients are based all over Europe and even beyond Europe. We transport more than 220,000 units every year.

Modern fleet

De Rooy owns 450 trucks with engines which comply with EURO 5 and 6 standards. The trucks are of various makes, i.e. DAF, VOLVO, Mercedes, Iveco and Renault. With these trucks, our drivers deliver every day new vehicles from the places of their production to the networks of dealers in the entire Europe. De Rooy deals also with transport of trucks, tractors and other vehicles to ports where they are loaded on vessels to be delivered to their estinations worldwide.  

Efficient work

The transport process has been organized in as efficient a way as possible. The drivers get in the trucks in the same places, i.e. in Son (NL), Allonne (FR) or Brescia (IT), or - incidentally - in one of our compounds. Then, they set off for their routes in compliance with the pre-arranged schedule. The drivers attend in-company training courses, owing to which they themselves can then load and unload specific units. This shall take place at manufacturers', in ports, at dealers' facilities or in one of our compounds. De Rooy possesses a large European network of compounds, sites where goods are stored, loaded, unloaded, and where logistic services are provided. Upon client's requet, we will also provide inventory management. In each compound, there is always at least one loading master who helps drivers to load and unload the units. Thus, he supervises safe work without any damages.