De Rooy was established as a Brabantian family enterprise in 1923. It was founded as a company transporting construction materials. After this period we became an European leader in the market of transport of new trucks, tractors and other vehicles of the 'high and heavy' type. Our brand is known in the international transport environment.

Company of firm form

With the employment of some 650 specialized drivers and the fleet of 450 trucks, we are a company of firm form, with clearly 'Brabant' features: innovative, realistic attitude towards life and absence of entanglement. We know the transport market well, and we can spot our chances there. We constantly implement innovative technological solutions. This combination makes De Rooy a company successfully active in the market for many years.

Having people in mind

We are a company focused on our employees, a company with a casual work culture and friendly atmosphere. We are prompted not only by the good of our clients but also by the good of our employees. We listen to them carefully, and we are interested in their needs. We educate them to become experts, and we stimulate their further development. It is pleasant to work for De Rooy.

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  • Employees are the most valuabe asset
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