You have spotted an available job which is of interest to you, and you are going to apply for the job. But what is the procedure like? Below, you will find the steps of the procedure of applying for a job at De Rooy.

  1. You may apply for job in our company in different ways. You may apply directly with the use of the vacancy list. You may also send your CV to If you have any questions, or you need more information, you may call us.
  2. Our employee will contact you within 3 days in order to obtain more information from you or to invite you to an interview. In case this is not possible due to the distance, the interview will be held on the phone.
  3.  During the interview, our employee will ask you several questions, for example: 
    "Why would you like to work for us?" or "Why do you think that we should employ you?" Ofcourse you may ask your questions aswell.
  4. If you apply for a job as a truck driver, you will first take a driving test, and we will assess your skills. If you pass the test you will proceed to step five. At this point you are very close to working for our company.
  5.  If  we are both satisfied, our company will make an offer. If you accept it, we will congratulate you on your new job in our transport company, and we will agree upon the days you start working.