A job at De Rooy means daily work with passion in order to enhance our transport. We constantly search for dedicated professional workers with enthusiastic attitude to performing their responsibilities. We seek people who would guarantee and support the quality of the services we provide. Good, operational human capital is indispensible. And professional workers drive our company.

If you have spotted a job of your interest, it is very easy to apply for it. Send an e-mail, contact us on the phone or apply here directly for one of our vacancies. In the following steps, we shall briefly explain our procedure of applying for a given job. 

Before you start working for us as a driver, you will attend an intensive, two-weeks' training course in the De Rooy Academy. When you pass it, we will congratulate to you, and you will be able to start the real work.  

Together with your colleagues, every day you will use the innovative transport solutions prepared for our clients all over Europe and beyond it. Our company offers storage and transport of trucks, tractors and other vehicles of the 'high & heavy' type.

As a driver, you will be often on the way, but sometimes you will contact your colleagues in the office. We also own a workshop. The place where we work on new methods of transport, and we adapt the existing ones to current conditions. Owing to this, we can constantly optimize the services we provide to our clients.

Are you already our employee? Do you like it here? Then encourage a truck driver whom you know to work for De Rooy, and we will reward you with a bonus.