We are an international transport company working for renowned companies in Europe and elsewhere. For our clients we transport new trucks, tractors, commercial cars and other vehicles of the 'high and heavy' type. The vehicles are manufactured in various places in Europe, and then they are transported directly to our clients.

Apart from the headquarters in the Netherlands, De Rooy has compounds all over Europe. The compounds are always in strategic locations, at the production sites or near them. This allows us to work as efficiently as possible. Sometimes the trucks to be transported stand ready for transport at our compounds. If not, our drivers have to collect them from the production site, and then the drivers deliver the vehicles to our clients. Load masters help our drivers with loading the vehicles at our compounds.

The compounds of De Rooy are located in the following towns:

  • Son (the Netherlands)
  • Preston (Great Britain)
  • Basildon (Great Britain)
  • Allonne (France)
  • Brescia (Italy)
  • Fara Gera d’Adda (Italy)
  • Żary (Poland)
  • Września (Poland)
  • Niepołomice (Poland)


Large compounds offer various facilities for drivers. For example, the drivers may stay there overnight , take a shower, send the data from the digital tachograph, refuel AdBlue or park their trucks. Such facilities are offered at the compounds in  Allonne, Basildon, Brescia, Fara, Leyland and Terehova.