The drivers who work for us are obviously mostly on their way to deliver the transport units to our clients all over Europe. However, apart from this, they sometimes contact our office workers, e.g. the departments of human resources, planning, administration, quality and client service.


The headquarters of De Rooy is located in Son, the Netherlands. This is also where the management operates. Besides, vehicles are stored, loaded and unloaded here. It is also one of the compounds where drivers begin and end their working shifts. As our driver, you will drive from here to our clients in various countries of Europe. Apart from the headquarters in the Netherlands, we also have large offices in Poland and Rumania.


Four departments manage De Rooy. The four departments are: Marketing and Sales, Human Resources / Quality, Operation, and Finances. Each of the departments is managed by a director. The directors report to the General Director of De Rooy. 

Marketing & Sales

The Marketing and Sales Department is responsible for maintaining / developing of the existing relationships, and gaining new business clients. This is performed by a team composed of external sales service and client service. All this is managed by the headquarters in Son.

Human resources & Quality

Among other things, this department deals with staff policy. This includes recruitment and maintaining of the staff, payroll, and termination of employment contracts. Furthermore, the department is responsible for quality assurance in De Rooy. Apart from all this, they deal with the issues of personal injuries and property damages related to drivers during their work, training quality, and securing safe and healthy work environment. The department is located in our headquarters in Son. 


The Operation Department is the key one in our organization. They deal with proper fulfillment of our clients' orders in line with their specific requirements, the valid laws and the agreed deadlines. The department is split into the sections of planning of batches of goods, and management of vehicles. Planners, who plan a given batch of goods, analyze and specify the contents of the cargo. Those who manage the vehicles supervise the correct activities related to handling a given batch of goods. The Operation Department administer also all the transport compounds in Europe, load masters, who are employed there, Forwarding and Security, Permits, Fleet and Costs Control.


The Financial Department employs administration workers and auditors. They are responsible for recording the incoming and outgoing invoices, and processing the payroll of our employees. Apart from this, the Department prepare managerial reports and financial-economic analyses. They also submit appropriate declaration, e.g. to tax authorities or statistical office.