De Rooy originated as a Brabantian family and this is still the fact. It was founded as a company transporting construction materials in 1923 by Graad de Rooy. In the following years, the company was steadily growing. In the meantime, the company won such clients as DAF and Philips. Initially, De Rooy used to transport only metal parts of the DAF vehicles, but we soon began transporting the entire trucks. De Rooy carried numerous products of Philips to various destinations where they had their production premises, e.g. packaging materials. Since 1959, De Rooy took to transport of vehicles from their production site to the clients.  

Focus upon efficiency

In 1965, when Jan de Rooy son commenced his activities in the company, his brothers Harrie and Graad Jr. had already worked there. Jan was responsible for technical matters and planning. His efforts to organize efficient transport made him very successful. And so, in 1970, he prepared the first transporter to carry four trucks.

Market leader

Today, Jan (father) and his son Gerard de Rooy manage the absolutely independent transport company which is the leader in the market of transporting trucks, machinery and agricultural tractors as well as construction machines. A normal company with casual culture of work. A place of friendly atmosphere, and where dedicated and go-ahead employees feel at home. Where we work on better transport every day.