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  • General

    • De Rooy is a Dutch transport company established in 1923. It is a family company based in Son & Breugel. European leader in the market of special transport. We deliver new trucks, tractors and other vehicles of the 'high and heavy' type to clients all over Europe.

    • It is very easy to apply for a job at De Rooy. Send your contact data via e-mail to, call us or use the list of vacancies. One of our employees will contact you within three days on the phone.

    • We work mainly with experienced drivers but those without experience are also welcome. First, you will attend a training course. But the most important is that you have a driving license C E category with 95 Code. Besides, you must have a valid driver's card in order to be able to operate a tachograph. We are an international company which employs people from various countries who speak different languages. A truck driver does not have to know a foreign language, but if you want to work in an office, e.g. as a planner, it is important that you speak English and German apart from your native language.

    • Everyone who would like to start working for De Rooy as a truck driver must attend a training course in the Netherlands. It lasts two full weeks, and it starts from a driving test which must be passed. Then, there is learning how to load and unload various types of vehicles. You will also attend theoretical classes where you will learn everything you must know as an international truck driver. During the training course, we shall teach you all the information related to work schemes, specific types of transport, prevention of damages, frequent routes, etc.

      After you have passed the driving test and completed the training course with positive result, you will begin working as a truck driver. For the first two weeks, an experienced driver will accompany you as your mentor. Since one learns even more in practice, the mentor will help you, e.g. with loading and unloading.

    • As a truck driver you initially receive a temporary contract. In the case of proper functioning, this will be extended or converted into a permanent contract.

    • De Rooy owns 450 trucks. They are of various brands and types: DAF (types XF and CF), Iveco (type Eurocargo), Volvo (types FM and FH12), Renault (type Premium) and Mercedes (type Actros).

      As a international driver, you will drive the same truck all the time because this is regulated by groups. For example, if a group of four drivers works according to 3/1 scheme (3 weeks of work, 1 week off), they drive in turns the same three trucks.

    • De Rooy works in accordance with the TLN CAO which includes, among other things, allowances for overtime, day and night allowance. The total salary depends on your experience with the profession as a truck driver on international transport and your skills.

    • As a truck driver at De Rooy, you will transport trucks, agricultural machinery and tractors, and construction machines. The trailers are usually loaded at the place of production.

      When you start working, you will usually drive yourself. We also have a few two-driver crews.

      Clients of De Rooy are based all over Europe and elsewhere. This is where you are going to drive to. However, most frequent routes are in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Spain, France and Great Britain. Most of our drivers drive regular routes, e.g. France - Great Britain.

    • Various work schedules are possible at De Rooy. For our foreign colleagues the following applies in particular "number of weeks working - number of weeks at home". Other systems are also negotiable but on main line the following schemes are used:

      • Polish drivers: 3-1
      • Romanian drivers: 4-1
      • Ukrainian drivers: 5-2 or 6-2
      • Turkish drivers: 4-1

      For Dutch drivers, we can use the work schedules in a flexible manner

    • Large compounds offer various facilities for drivers. For example, drivers may stay there overnight, take a shower, send data from the digital tachograph, refuel AdBlue or park their trucks. Such facilities are offered by compounds in Allonne, Basildon, Brescia, Fara, Leyland, Września and Niepołomice.