We are now quite experienced in the area of storage and distribution. Frankly speaking, we are a strong player as for collection, storage and transport of such household equipment as washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, mixers and hobs. From the smallest loads to the largest ones, we are specialized in it.


Annually we store and distribute more than a million items of household equipment in the entire Benelux. The process is secured by our regional distribution center in Oud-Gastel (the Netherlands) located in the Borchwerf II industrial zone. The storage area is about 45,000 square meters.

Process of logistics

The workers of our warehouse collect the products, store them and check if they comply with the quality standards. They receive orders, prepare the goods for shipment, and help with loading them onto trucks. Then, drivers transport the goods from Oud-Gastel warehouse to clients in all the countries of the Benelux on Iveco-City, a semi-trailer tailored for this purpose. They control the load, unload the goods and contact our clients. Good planning is necessary here so that the whole logistic process may run as required. Transport planners schedule the courses for some 45 trucks which leave our compounds every day. In case the quantity of the goods to be transported is too high, planners rent vehicles. Besides, they lead the drivers to the destinations, contact the clients and coordinate the inspections.

Dedicated distributor

The market-leading manufacturers, e.g. Whirlpool and Candy Hoover, entrusted the distribution of their products to De Rooy. They believe that this reduces their risk and that it is interesting from the point of view of technical costs. So, it is an added value for our clients.


We think that corporate social responsibility is very important. This is part of the vision of our company. That is why we work for WeCycle, the public utility organization which collects and recycles e-waste. We collect electronic in our warehouse, and pack them in containers. Then, the sorted devices are collected and processed by external companies. This makes us an important player in the process of recycling. ‚Äč